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    Ideas and Known Issues


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    Ideas and Known Issues

    Post by Vicboy on Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:14 am

    Known Issues

    The Thing can't auto-attack Marines.
    The Thong cannot turn to a Marine anymore.
    The Thing was talking in white as a colored Marine.


    Two way radios: Two players will be able to communicate at any distance. Typing > before typing your next words would mean that you are broadcasting it to the other radio. Talking through the radio can be seen by other players nearby, as if the radio user was nearby.

    Radar: One player will have a ping of all players. It is per 5 minutes or something... Hmmm...


    Sounds System: Sounds playing depending on the proximity between you and other players. Trying to make it sound like a thriller film.

    Burrow Run: Increased movement speed while burrowed for 2 seconds. This will allow ambushes/escapes.

    Burrow Time Limit: Can only stay burrow for a while. Will be forced to unburrow when it loses all the energy.

    15 Players: Have one more player play!

    Flamethrowers: Flamethrowers are extremely effective against anyone. It could also be used to test for who the Thing is.


    Rematch System: One of the living Marines turns to the Thing if more than 6 players are still playing.

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    Re: Ideas and Known Issues

    Post by Bunnyrabbit:) on Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:23 am

    you should add the radar

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