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    THE THING! -dream list



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    THE THING! -dream list

    Post by xeroshiva1029 on Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:34 am

    ok so heres probably the wet dream list of things people might wanna see will update it as we go.. and if it seams a bit far fetched dont worry about it
    color coding: black (would of used yellow but it looks like crap here) = pending repply red = denied green = implimented
    1) move the bars off the bottom off the screen, maybe make a status bar in the top right of the screen with a show/hide button

    2) add a generator that allows the doors to be opened faster while its alive?

    3) add a testing facility that can only perform a test every so often or maybe only so many tests per round?

    4) make the thing have a % chance to convert the killed player to their side

    5) escape time to an evac for humans.. give the thing a chance to escape the facility and the humans maybe make it a helicopter that can only fit 3 people so only so many get to live but even the thing can escape.. maybe link a radio to this being called in like 4 mins after being called in a evac heli arrives but need the generator listed above to power the radio

    6) add a fuel % guage to the generator and make people have to find fuel to power the generator

    7) gun change:: if a pistol is equiped you are a REAPER if a flame thrower is equiped you are a firebat

    #8 (game made 8 ) a shadey smiley face) ammo system doesnt seam to be fixed fully yet

    will update list here as more good ideas show up so you dont have to read down the post

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