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    TK penalty idea/s



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    TK penalty idea/s

    Post by ValThor on Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:45 am

    It's still out of hand, which is stupid considering that the thing has a timer now and all people need to do to find it is hold still in a group for a few minutes.

    I know that the idea of ammo has come up and nobody likes the idea of making tkers do less damage as it would make them useless in fighting the thing, basically a burden for the other players, so what about this idea?

    (None of the ideas mentioned should affect (The Thing)

    Players who land the killing blow on an innocent, IE: Not the thing, player have their ammo set to 50, or better yet, 30. (Excluding the flamer which has its own separate ammo system)

    (This would stop one guy from TK'ing the entire team, and anyone who killed an innocent person even if they had reason would have to think twice and do some reasoning before trying to attack another accused player.)

    Players who run around mindlessly killing their teammates will obviously just be doing it to throw a game and can be warned with no excuse on their behalf. Players who fudge up and kill someone won't have a debuff that will cripple in any normal situation, and instead will force them to act even more as a team. With the new addition of grenades they can still support their team on zero ammunition, and grenades are obvious when used and easily dodged so it's unlikely they'd try to tk with one, at the most they'd suicide.

    Other ideas include an attack speed reduction of 30%, set to 100% when stim is active.
    (This debuff would give victims of team killers a larger chance to react to players attacking them, allow people who have killed innocents to still apply damage to the thing, with only minor decrease in damage output. When stimmed their damage output would be the exact same as any other player.)

    Another idea is making players who kill their own teammates be effected by the invisible debuff (blood scent) which marks their location on the mini map of the thing permanently, making it easier for them to be tracked than other players.

    So, thoughts? Very Happy

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    Re: TK penalty idea/s

    Post by Vicboy on Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:55 am

    The grenades gives me confidence into implementing the ammo system and spawning ammo in the map instead.


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    Re: TK penalty idea/s

    Post by EternalToss on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:11 am

    could you make it so everyone spawns with 1 grenade? then have the grenades that normally spawn at the begining spawn 5-10 minutes into the game?

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    Re: TK penalty idea/s

    Post by Sponsored content

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