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    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules.


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    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules.

    Post by Vicboy on Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:09 am

    For example,
    Rule #6, never get caught in a room full of bodies.
    Rule #69, keep a distance when you're injured.

    And also tips for the Marines and the Thing.

    THis may help the tutorial btw

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    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty Re: Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules.

    Post by willuwontu on Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:22 am

    In lobby
    #1 pro opt , no noob things
    #2 classic or willuwontu's map, they are the best
    #3 if host is afk use backup lobby or if there are a lot of people on wait.
    #2 DO NOT confront without 3 or more people.
    #3 DO NOT rush ahead as thing may lock door with you in there by yourself move as a group in stead.
    #4 when ever in a game with Vicboy call him gay
    #5 Never trust anyone, especially when things have just been updated and there might be bugs.
    #6 Shoot to kill never toy with someone
    #7 if someone tells you that someone is tking listen to them and check it out while being on your guard. Never walk upon two people and let them take door positions.
    #8 always be ready to run
    #9 kill anybody who is AFK, don't give the thing food
    #10 always pick up anything you can
    #11 watch for suspicious behavior, such ass locking doors
    #13 Rotate your view
    #1 NEVER OVER ESTIMATE your ability to kill people, you cannot take down more than 6 people in a group at a time.
    #2 kill off the flame guy first
    #3 hide the flame if you can, people don't like to rotate their view.
    #4 take time to heal between attacks
    #5 seperate groups early on, attack them kill someone off
    #6 let them make false assumptions, use one color to transform attack a group and run away, then join them as another.
    #7 use grenades to take out big groups or separate them.
    #8 always watch out for who is suspicious of you, kill them off first.
    #9 always suspect someone else.
    #10 always say so and so is tking and get others to kill that person.

    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty the truth about this game

    Post by :( on Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:00 am

    1# never go into rape room...without 10 ppl
    2# do not go crazy when you see the thing and try to kill it with just you and your flamer...that won't end well for you
    3#do not run ahead and get all worked up when you're chasing the thing unless he is in the red...he will lock you in or kill you then you will be dead and the thing will be fine
    4# flamer will always be your friend protect it with your life (if it gets into thing hands the thing will waste it..
    5# grenades are a tkrs best friend, be on guard
    6# *important* do not play thing until vicboy makes the rescue ship

    1# hiding is your best strategy eventually all the marines will suicide or kill each other out of boredom because they cant find you..or even if they do you will just run away (that is easiest win for thing)
    2# thing is soooo OP you can just lock someone in with you then kill em run away and repeat
    3# not to mention the fact that thing has super regen so even if you do almost die that will never happen again
    4# oh and if you are stuck and out of options BURROW the marines will run right by you
    5# half of the time some tkr is going to do your job for you so you should just stay in a group anyway
    6# control gauge takes so long to finish you will never have to reveal in a group
    7# even though it takes 3 hours to win you can still enjoy this game without rescue ship
    8# if you are seen all marines in that room become clean (they are clean of all suspicion) so avoid morphing
    9# every five seconds you can see where all the marines are so you can just hide and run
    10# hiding will eventually make you win (no exceptions) because once the marines see you they become so shocked and frenzied they all run after you so you can just finish one off then run
    11# after three hours everyone pulls the pin on a grenade and blows themselves up (except you) good and fair win (even though you didnt do anything)

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    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty Re: Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules.

    Post by Bunnyrabbit:) on Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:11 am

    Thing is not OP but you're right a rescue ship would be nice. Razz
    and hiding is too good for the thing...

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    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty Re: Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules.

    Post by ValThor on Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:02 am

    #1 At the start of the game you have two minutes to go item hunting with little fear of being called out as a loner and shot on sight. Use this time wisely.
    #2 Space out before you cross a door to lessen the chance of a lock being fatal.
    #3 Help those around you, especially in groups of 3 or five. Coordination and fall back plans save lives.
    #4 Don't use the flamer unless you know you won't be team killed.
    #5 Remember the colors of those you start with, if you see two marines split and find the body of one later on you've got a good idea of who killed them if the guy who left with them remains silent about the ordeal.
    #6 Pen and paper is OP.
    #7 If you get split from the group for any reason for a period of longer than ten to twenty seconds do not trust the group. Follow at a distance or lead them at one if they choose to follow you, chances are while they hunt you The Thing will make an appearance and they'll suddenly treat you like you're Hercules.
    #8 Radio or not, the thing knows where you are.
    #9 Grenades are death traps when there are >5 marines on the map.
    #10 Passwords save lives as well.

    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty My rules

    Post by TT on Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:28 am

    1. If you are in a group, declare yourself leader. People usually won't argue, and you've saved the possibility of being TK'd.
    2. NEVER go into a rape room. If your group INSISTS on going in, stay as tight as possible at the door.
    3. Just stay tight with your group at doors in general.
    4. As the game goes on, many tend to adopt the "KOS those not in group" option. Thus, as you go longer without finding a group, your chances of being killed by the first one you meet go up exponentially. Be ready to stim and run at any time.
    5. If you find yourself without a group, and enough time has passed you figure your chances of NOT being TK'd by the first one you see are extremely low, search for a radio. If there is someone on the other end, you can establish a rendezvous and survive.
    6. If you ever find yourself trapped in a rape room, that useless grenade you found at the start could suddenly become a lifesaver thanks to the small amount of space.
    7. Once you find the flamethrower, KEEP IT OFF. I once died because I was the only one left(besides the thing), the last one to go had left the flame a short ways away from my position, and the thing was hot on my tail. I just make it to the flamethrower, and... ammo empty.
    8.If you find a radio, and you already have one, leave it for someone else.
    9. If someone attacks someone else, no matter what the circumstances(save being under a direct attack by the thing, the chances of others joining in firing is so high the game could be used for mob mentality experiments. So don't expect your allies to turn on your attacker if you get attacked randomly.

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    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty Re: Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules.

    Post by EternalToss on Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:50 am

    #1 First thing you do is look for items quickly even use stim to run quickly no one will just judge you instantly inless theyre gamethrowers. Try to find any items you can if you find the flamethrower its a good idea to take it, but once you do go straight to the middle and join a group because your a target to the thing and even allies

    #2 After searching for items always head straight for the middle, if there is anyone around you its always better to be with someone because youre less likely to be judged and you have support if there is a gun fight, also a bonus with having a team is the fact that when you have more people with you you're less likely to get shot by another group and its easier to intergrate

    #3 When you've joined a group watch carefully always try to memorize who dies (their colour), who shoots first, who is always running in front or falling behind, who shoots first and one major give away is to watch who dissapears for a bit of time. These are some of the factors that you need to pay attention to in every game for determining who the thing is.

    #4 A) If you have a group and you know that none of you are the thing one strategy is to sit in the middle and wait for the thing if he knows that hes been found out he will try to join the group as a different colour most likely. Either that or he will hide so the best thing to do is sit and wait for a few minutes in the middle before going anywhere.

    B) If the thing is unknown and youve looked for other people but found none either the thing is being lame and keeps running or your the only ones left. If you think the thing is still out there or know forsure that he isnt there then the best way is to try and lure him in. If you have both radios you could move out and try dropping one somewhere to let the thing get it or have one person go out by himself then to run back to the group. If one person does leave make sure that you have a password with them to know if he was killed, also have it so that once he comes back he must say it right away or else you will shoot him. This provides no time for the thing to escape when you ask for a password that he doesnt know. I recommend that if you use a password always use your SC2 name.
    If you dont find the thing do what we always do choose your most likely subjects with someone that you think will back you up and shoot them all in order from who you suspect most to the least.

    #5 Directly relating to #4 be aware always of the thing, if the thing is smart he will try and lure you out he will show himself in marine form most likely then when you stim forward he will lock the door run in while your crossing it and then transform and kill you. This is a common strategy that they use to be able to kill you off so make sure that you stay in a close group so that you dont rush ahead and die.

    #6 Also relating to #4 i said to use your name as a password. This is a great advantage to you in the long run if you can become recognizable as someone who always plays as a marine and wins then in later games if people recognize you then it gives you a great advantage having people following you. Also you can even use your name by announcing it and asking people for theirs it just gains trust and its good strategy and also makes it less likely that you will be killed of first. (this really only works well if you always play as a marine, although a similar strategy can be used in any game to your advantage as a marine or the thing)

    Going back to being in a group whenever your in one you can either lead or follow. If you lead it puts you in the hot seat you can either fail horifically and get shot or you can have several people at your command. You could also follow the group if you do follow its usually best to be only one or two spots behind the leader so that you cant be left behind the thing cant rush and attack you first from the front or behind and it allows you to have several people behind you if you get locked out behind the front people. When in a group also always be aware of a bad leader this person may not really be the thing but is just terrible at leading they always stop moving and turn around or go in useless circles in one area if a person like that is leading break off and take over.

    Last off when exploring you should almost never go into rape room and if you do it must either be only one person going in while all the others stand on the door or so that all of you go in together, but if you all do go in together be careful because the thing might be in the back of the train and might split off lock you in and kill the others and only enter together if there is atleast 5 of you in the train. Also when exploring try taking different routes and not just going in a circle and always check back in with the middle.

    I think thats all for now i might update it later, but its not too bad

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    Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules. Empty Re: Explain the game mechanics to me by listing down your rules.

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