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    The Thing needs Realism



    The Thing needs Realism

    Post by RageQuit on Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:20 am

    Okay, here it is, no bs:

    I know and love the movie The THing and played The Thing on starcraft 1 for many many years back in the day. You are actually still very far off from The Thing. You need to add these to meet realism for one thing and to get the map closer to the storyline:

    1.) Remove all weapons from every player
    a.) We all love your radio idea and expound on that
    b.) Place only two pistols in the game (no more -chine guns)
    i.) In the movie there was very limited amunition as the "police" character had the only gun and Kurt Russel
    ii.) Only one person can hold keys to the doors and should only be able to lock the doors.
    2.) Keep the flamethrower
    3.) Realism aspects: If removing weapons for all the players as they will have to look for them will stop teamkillers and trollers from ruining games that go quick
    a.) Add more detail to certain rooms: Make a laboratory that has "blood" for the Thing to consume for more power or speed so that people can spot if the Thing got the blood or not. Add a dog pen with dogs for commentary and show that was from the movie. Remove 20% of the map for an outside snowy place to explore because your map turns into a pacman festival. Add a Billards Room. Add separate bedrooms. For the weapons?: 2 Pistols, 1 Flamethrower (THATS IT) so it makes people have to trust one another if they have a gun or not.

    The Thing actually shouldn't be able to use a gun at all because they never did in the movie (but actually make it where the Thing can pick up the gun but not fire). In the movie, as the end was near, the Thing actually wanted to freeze "to death" in order to survive and wait for the next science team to move in.

    Make the characters more personal as in: make them reflect some of the characters from the movie and give them separate names. There were no marines involved at all and NO -CHINE GUNS DAMN IT!!

    The THING about the SC1 The Thing was this: All humans actually had an objective to do in order to find the Thing. We, in SC1, were given objectives such as 1.) turn on the power, 2.) turn on the generators (by going outside in the cold and you start to lose health), 3.) turn on the medical lab where there's an area to test each person's blood. 4.) A doctor character was involved so put that scientist geek in there maybe as a neutral NPC to kill or w/e be consumed by The Thing.

    There's no video on youtube to find any footage of The Thing map (because us sc1 players we were before youtube, facebook, skype, Saddam's capture, Osama's death, Arab Spring 2011, and Obama 2008 (and actually Bush 2000 =P)).

    Please allow this to be posted on your forum. I am serious gamer. I used to be a really good top ace with the SC1 Map editor and made maps of my own. I am just too old enough now to even want to learn the SC2 map editor game engine -- no time for it nor enthusiasm -- i just play to play now. Razz


    for the guns which will hrut the most

    Post by RageQuit on Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:23 am

    about the gun aspect that i suggested/proposed which i know will be the hardest to part with is this: Make everyone able to melee one another so that the gunning aspect doesnt completely go out the window.


    My name is IRaqeQuit on sc2 battle.net, i'm frequently in your The Thing or Haunted Forest chat rooms. Love both of those games. Brought me back to SC2 maps!! Getting sick of Phantom... Many cheers. Please find/msg me in-game so that I know you took my advice into consideration.


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