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    Possible Future Updates


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    Possible Future Updates

    Post by Probe on Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:16 am

    Things that need fixing:

    While in the lobby, if you select something within the third 'Abstain' box and then hover over it, it lists the incorrect amount of time for each selection. This is a tooltip typo if I am correct.


    **EDIT I've been informed Pro opt selects from the 4 top people. My bad, ignore that.

    Things that could be modified:

    The Flamethrower and Riot Shield are a great Walking Tower Combo. However, the combo is not providing diversity alone, its also gamebreaking. If a flamer IS STANDING STILL with no micro at all, whatsoever, and a throw is used, The Thing still cannot win the battle. NOT TO MENTION THERE ARE NO ITEMS USED LIKE MOLOTOVS.

    Click Here for Video Showing The Thing vs. Tower

    Instead of calling it OP and trashing it, lets think pros and cons.

    Pros: Super powerful, essential damage dealer.
    Cons: Cannot stim, slightly slower.

    Frankly, the difference between the speed of normal marines vs a Tower Combo isn't that slow. Imagine a Tower and 2 marines vs The Thing. Marine form is useless against the 2 marines right off the bat. If the marines stay close to the Tower, they can slowly pick off The Thing's health until it is low enough for the two marines to stim forward and kill it. If The Thing does not engage, he loses due to the timer running out.
    Some of you will say, "But what if they aren't at the Comms?" Then they will go there. Its really not that hard of a strategy. Whether or not you are on the move, if you stick together you will still be able to take The Thing with a Tower on your side.

    So, Mr. Probe, whats the solution?

    I think the solution lies in just buffing the current cons. Having either of the items you are currently not allowed to sprint. The riot also reduces speed. I say combine the three, and when wielding BOTH items at the same time, get an extra move speed reduction. No longer can you sprint, or chase after the Thing. However, you are an invincible tower. While you can be outranged by a disguised marine because of your move speed, you make up for it in territorial security. You may be able to guard one entrance perfectly, but when The Thing comes for your friends from the other side of the room you are going to take too long to get there. Its speed vs. power. If you want damage, you can still move decently fast. If you want to survive longer, do it. But both should give a bonus penalty as currently the only real speed reduction while wielding both is the sprint ability.

    Vic, I'm sure you remembered our small conversation over it. As a reminder and summary:

    Flame = No stim
    Shield = Reduced movement speed (I like your idea of being able to stim though, while still slower than normal stim)
    Tower = No stim and even more reduced movement speed.

    FRK BUILDING (Or whatever the real name is. Psi Disruptor or whatever. You get the point.

    I just felt like the FRK Building was pointless honestly. Sure, it gives a tiny little buff towards the timer and if the comms dies you can always attempt to camp near that if you aren't strong enough to venture out and repair comms, but it seems really one dimensional.

    If the comms dies, noone gives a shit about frk building if they can repair comms. Its really stupid and pointless.

    This is of course, heavily opinionated but despite this, I think it would be ideal to have the following:

    Comms means the timer will actually tick. However, it will tick very slowly, similar to the amount to frk building does right now.
    Frk Building will be the source of greatly speeding up the process. However, if the comms is offline and the frk building is online, no time will be deducted AT ALL. I would estimate the speed added by frk building would be 1.2 time faster than comms atm.

    Therefore, you are required to have comms but to use it you should also consider frk building to be able to speed it up. The idea is it almost forces marines to move. If you camp comms, you're going to be worn down and killed before the timer finishes. If you camp frk building, itll help speed it up for a bit until the thing realizes whats happening and destroys comms. Which forces you to move. Either that or you camp the generator.

    If you camp the generator you don't even get a say in this. :p

    Other notable suggestions:

    I was wondering if you wanted any help with the making of baguio and Sahara. If you do ever feel like some input would be beneficial, you could always put a TERRAIN MAP FILE (so people dont steal your whole game lol) and ask people to make variations of it. As an example you could release Sahara and players could download its terrain and edit things about it. Based on feedback from other players you could choose whether or not it would be a good thing to implement into the game.

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    Re: Possible Future Updates

    Post by Vicboy on Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:04 pm

    My new update does your flame + shield idea.

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    Re: Possible Future Updates

    Post by Probe on Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:46 am

    Sounds great! Can't wait to test it and make sure things run smoothly and they way they are intended too Very Happy

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    Re: Possible Future Updates

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