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    TKERS and the current state of the game



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    TKERS and the current state of the game

    Post by Solidifire on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:00 pm


    This replay isn't worth watching because of how unusual it is, but because of what a PERFECT example it is of how many games go. Its obvious skype cheating, not even going to bother explaining why its that obvious, just keep an eye on top right corner when it starts. SOMETHING must be done, this is the reason why this game cannot blast off. Faggots will post on here, like they always do, that "tking is just a part of game, blah blah blah, you will just lose more players if you start banning people, ect. ect. other bullshit". Watch the replay before you say any of that. This game went from 20th to 40th in 2 days, and I fucking promise you that wasn't because Vicboy banned half the people playing. Watch the players who get tked, and if they are new players guess what the odds are that they are going to play this again. And considering this has been going on all night since I posted this, guess what the chances are that after 6-7 games in a row of this happening to someone are that they will keep playing this game.

    TEAMKILLING IS A PART OF THE GAME, and it cant be removed all together, but the game sure as shit won't survive with this kind of thing going on. I have heard several ideas for debuffs on people who kill their team, and honestly, I don't give a shit what is done as long as something is. 4 guys grouping up and hunting everyone else down who isn't on skype with them is not what this game should be.

    So please. please take the time to watch this replay, and post any and all thoughts or ideas (even you faggots who are going to say this is 100% ok) because this game cant keep going on like this. At the very least a better rules list needs to be created (had those oGK fuckers, im sure many of you know who I am talking about, tell me that they never saw a rule banning teamspeak), and shown, and a better guide on how to get people banned, as well as reshowing handles and names (with marine color, because of the randomized colors) at end. Something that will give people constantly being tked hope that it won't always be like this.


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    Re: TKERS and the current state of the game

    Post by EternalToss on Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:45 pm

    id first like to point out you dont have to use skype you can use the party chat in game. Also in a game like that where theres a group of people tking ive gotten away then went back with some other people and killed them all it depends i see what you mean by its unfair no its not fun when it happens i do have a thought on how to effect a change but ill tell you this it wont stop most tkr's. First off you need a timer set for like maybe 5 minutes? so if anyone kills someone else within that time frame they get a buff/spell or w/e you want to call it casted on them so that it decreases their weapon speed by a set amount and increase by a set amount by the more people they kill and the buff should last for like 10 minutes. The reason for the time is because anyone that tks in the begining will be within 5 minutes and by the time thats over the people that would have died have found a group. The problem is that if you tk in a group of 3-4 only one of those people gets the buff casted on them becuase only 1 person gets the actual kill. So if you think about it 4 people theyve all killed 1 person now so in a full game it went from 9 marines to 5 with the thing still alive. If they still work together they could take out atleast another person or 2 if theyre not in a group even if they are they would still take out atleast 1 before they died or ran. If they kill all of them then theres probably 4 marines alive and 1 thing so its probably GG by that time if the thing is still alive. also if the buff is cast on someone the thing and only the thing should be able to tell without having them shoot.

    the other option is if someone kills within the set time limit at the begining of the game they get a floating mark above their head for 10 minutes or w/e to show they shot someone it also leads into it being more physcological also idk if its possible but have different mark that appears above anyones head who assisted in killing the person so if they shot them within 1 minute of their death but have that mark stay for 5 minutes instead of 10

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