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    The Thing is too strong!


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    The Thing is too strong! Empty The Thing is too strong!

    Post by Rachyl on Thu May 30, 2019 3:23 pm

    I have a suggestion for the suggestion box, please NERF the things abilities. its not like hes easy to deal with or anything, in fact, hes much stronger than ever before. also. it would be really fun to see him impersonate marines more, so instead of him having a control gauge to where if hes around marines too much, it would be fun to see him interact with us more and more. instead of always being on the run. marines pretty much always are running from the thing. i think it would just make it more of an interesting dynamic to see him amongst us. no pun intended to the actually description of the game. "the thing amongst us".
    but anyways, please nerf the thing, hes way too strong, his HP should at least be cut in half. if they dont nerf the thing i will get ahold of vicboy on discord and see if he can make it happen, thanks. -rachyl

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