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    How To Design A Station For The Thing


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    How To Design A Station For The Thing Empty How To Design A Station For The Thing

    Post by Vicboy on Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:54 am

    Yes, you can have your own design in the game! You know the game more than I do, that's a fact, so you must know the formula to making a good Thing map. (The classic design is a good example)

    Create a thread in this Share A Station and name it the name you would like for your design. You don't have to be finished with the design when you've created a thread, you can share its progress.

    Here is an example map, it has some of the requirements already met.

    QUESTIONS go to this thread.

    These rules have to be met or your submission will not be considered.

    1. Place a supply depot to represent a door.

    2. Make sure there are a few rape rooms.

    3. Don't make overly open spaces, squeeze it a bit.

    4. The ideal number of doors is 36.

    5. Rooms must be at least be 4x4 Supply Depots.

    6. Walls are ideally 2 Supply Depots wide.

    7. Enclose the map with walls.

    8. One door only! No dual doors. AND NO diagonal doors either! AND MAKE BOTH SIDES OF THE CLIFFS TOUCH THE DAMN DOOR.

    Procedures (Also considered as Rules)

    1. Set size to 128 by 128.

    2. Texture Set is Braxis Alpha.

    3. Initial Texture is Metal Detail.

    4. Cliff is 1 level higher, use the Manmade Cliffs! (Use Same Cliffs after Raising a cliff as it is easier to modify from there)

    5. PUT NUMBERS, search for Space Platform Ground Decals in Doodads, select it and pick Variations from 1 to 4.
    Tip: Consistent spacing can be achieved by copy-paste-reposition them rather than doing it one by one.

    6. REGION THEM. I swear, don't merge them, but make sure a good portion of the rooms are REGIONED. Make sure the regions do not spread to the cliff, though. I REPEAT, DO NOT MAKE THE REGIONS TOUCH THE CLIFFS or DOORS, also, do not overdo it. Three regions on a diagonal room is fine!


    1. Put decorations and different Terrain Textures. It's okay, I can always remove them anyway.

    2. Data > Export Map Image > OK.

    It will be better to set image size to something big like 2048x2048. Also, convert TGA to JPG/PNG, I will not download a 30 MB file...


    Doodads: Press D on Terrain Editor
    Cliffs: Press T on Terrain Editor
    Region: Press R on Terrain Editor. If not visible, press Shift-R.

    Upload to:
    Any upload sites you can think of, or these:

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