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    Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon?


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    Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon? Empty Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon?

    Post by Vicboy on Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:07 am

    So here's what I've thought of for these kinds of weapons. (The kind of weapon that the Thing should be afraid of)

    Electric or flame, let's call it a special weapon first.

    This special weapon can deal a lot of damage to the Thing. Even as only one player, the Marine has a chance to defeat the Thing with this special weapon.

    Marines also receive damage, but not as much as the Thing would receive.

    It is a short-ranged weapon that restricts you from running. A standard rifle allows you to shoot at a safe distance, quite enough time to back out if the Thing starts to come at you.

    But this special weapon requires you to attack at a pretty dangerous distance and you won't be able to run away from the Thing without dropping the special weapon first.

    Now, the Thing can carry the weapon in Marine form, but that's not a good way to chase down other players because your attack range is shorter and you'll probably die first if the Marine isn't keeping his distance from you.

    This won't instantly kill Marines, if he's fast enough, he'll go away and come back shooting at you.

    Now here's the hassle of this special weapon:

    It removes the sprint ability of the Marine.

    It can only be turned on for a short period of time. If it's a flame thrower, it'll deplete the fuel. If it's an electric weapon, it'll deplete the energy. (For energy, it recharges)

    This way, the player with the special weapon can't always be ready to attack. This way, the Thing can ambush that player and kill him before the player could attack.

    So there you go. Flamethrower or electrical-based weapon? Good idea or bad idea?

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    Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon? Empty Re: Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon?

    Post by willuwontu on Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:28 pm

    You should make it so that there it randomly spawns electric or flamethrower (or a super rare chance of both) for the special weapon.

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    Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon? Empty Re: Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon?

    Post by EternalToss on Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:30 am

    sounds like the wonder waffle from CoD WAW, google it.

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    Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon? Empty Re: Flamethrower or Electrical-based Weapon?

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