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    Release 0.281 to 0.286 [Overdue Update]


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    Release 0.281 to 0.286 [Overdue Update] Empty Release 0.281 to 0.286 [Overdue Update]

    Post by Vicboy

    Hey Thing players, we've added some new big changes to the game. With these new features, we've also rebalanced the game.

    Since Grapple is currently OP (unit target and long range), I've tweaked the stats accordingly. Currently trying to redeisgn Grapple to require more skill.

    Ragnov got redesigned.

    Nerfed Thing attack speed from 1.0 to 1.2.
    Buffed Thing base health from 140 to 180.
    Buffed Thing health regeneration delay from 7.5 to 5.
    Enabled Ragnov and Baguio.
    Buffed Thing variable health from +12% to +16% per player.
    Buffed Marine base health from 50 to 60.
    Nerfed Molotov energy drain from 6% to 5%.
    Buffed Molotov damage from 1 to 2.
    Nerfed Thing movement speed from 2.85 to 2.7.
    Ragnov has been reworked.
    Baguio has been reworked.

    Increased Thing base health from 115 to 140.

    Reduced music volume.
    Removed debugging text.
    Fixed Medkits.

    Changed function rooms to spawn at defined places.
    Added The Thing theme song.
    Buffed EVAC ship door to 2.5x its HP.
    Added progress bar in the timer.
    Added Abduct to Thing.
    Fixed cooldown to Burrowed Charged.
    Revamped terrain in Ragnov.
    Fixed several pathing bugs.
    Fixed randomization excluding Sahara Station.
    Temporarily disabled Ragnov and Baguio.

    The thing has lost it's armor that it mysteriously gained, Marines deal damage now.
    You can now reselect the perk you chose previously
    Removed the Medkit perk.
    Fixed some bugs in Perks.
    Added the Christmas spirit.

    Decreased Minigun ramp up time.
    Increased Sixth Sense radar range.
    Renamed Improved Formula to Sprinter.
    Renamed Efficient Drugging to Marathon Man.
    Renamed Fuel Efficiency to Fuel Efficient.
    Renamed Flight Over Fight to Coward's Instinct.
    Fixed Aquilon Cold effect.
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    Post on Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:39 pm by Durzan

    Vic, you've made a few hotfixes recently... whats in them? What have you and the others been working on recently?

    Post on Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:09 pm by Pandemonium

    Sure is amazing how this game is still truckin' along. Several things come to mind regarding the new update:

    - Ragnov is disjointed in too many sections. Simply put, there are too many dead ends. There is no real reason to go to dead ends without important buildings unless you want to get raped.
    - Baguio can go fuck itself as always Smile
    - Liberty seems to be the best map.

    All in all, the extra decorations are nice, but it makes it harder to see the pathing. It's a bit clusterfuck. Haven't seen Sahara yet because no one chooses Sahara.

    - The hook is a very nice touch. It can make a whole world of difference and is hard to land.
    - Abduct is also a sensible addition as it makes it easier to 1v1 marines.

    - Thing health increase seems to make sense and is beneficial. 
    - Why was marine health increased to 60?
    - Increase in health makes the grenade feel very underwhelming. A good grenade to center of Thing's mass should be very punishing. Also, marines being one-shot with grenade feels much more satisfying.

    I would rather have Thing have lower life and higher armor that it mysteriously gained before, which doesn't apply to grenades and flame-thrower. Making him tanky to simple gunfire but fear weapons.

    I always pick Sixth Sense for my perk and right now it is too OP. Honestly it feels almost on par with Thing's ability to see marines. The most broken part of the perk is that you can see pinging of where the Thing is burrowed. Thing should be undetectable by radar when burrowed. 

    That is all for now, stop pestering me to write Vic. lol

    Post on Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:11 am by Durzan

    What about giving the thing an enrage ability which increases his attack speed?

    Post on Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:28 pm by Durzan

    When is the newest update coming out?

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