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    Public Rulebook

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    Public Rulebook Empty Public Rulebook

    Post by Perplexate on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:08 am

    PERP's Public Rule Book

    This is in response to a request of the other admins to compile a rule-book for the general populace of the game, and an overall guideline for admins and players alike.

    Section I: Generalized Rules

    Rule 1#: A player is allowed to kill any other player if there is probable cause for said kill.
    Rule Explanation:(Probable cause is the main determination for both admins and players. It is mainly dependant upon situation. For further explanation see Section II)

    Rule #2: When a kill is not given probable cause, and the kill is led by maligant intent, it is deemed a TK and is punishable.

    Rule #3: Abusing glitches and bugs, regardless of how awsome, is not allowed and can be punishable.

    Rule #4: Affecting one's player Bank is not allowed and is severely punished.
    Rule Explanation: This is primarily to retain game integrity and although it may seem unimportant, it is vital to the game, and the game's popularity.

    Rule #5: Using 3rd party programs to reveal locations of players and items, among other ways of out of game communication to cheat are prohibited.

    Section II: Probable Cause

    Probable Cause is what propels the concept of 'Deception', and is one of the most important concepts in the game. Probable cause is given in said situations determined by the moderator to be malignant or not. Here is the basic guidelines for when TK'ing is allowed:

    -When a players color is known to be the thing.
    -When a new player enters a group.
    -When a player comes from a direction the thing has just recently been.
    -When a player has made himself hostile to you. (Shooting you, locking you with thing, ETC.)
    -When a player locks you in the item-gathering phase.

    There are of course many more situations, but these situations among others give a player a REASON to kill someone, and is allowed.

    Section III: Team-Killing

    Team-Killing is deemed when a player without probable cause and with malignant intent, kills one or more players.

    The primary intent of Team-Killing is to add excitement during boring games (Which, again, punishment is determined by the admin, I myself during most situations such as these, would allow it). Other reasons people TK is to cause chaos and is malignantly driven, this is the primary punishable version of TK'ing and is not permitted.

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