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    After at least 500+ games, my honest opinions and ideas.



    After at least 500+ games, my honest opinions and ideas.

    Post by Solidifi on Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:02 am

    Going to run these down one at a time, and explain when needed.

    Numbers 1-3 will be suggestions for the lifespan and health of them game.

    1) Put more emphasis on the chat channel in loading screens, at the end of the game, wherever the hell you can plug it. I know there are a lot of people who play this game a lot like I do that aren't in the channel, find a way to get them there and lets build a community.

    2) I actually have no problem with TKing. You have to get used to it if you are going to play this game, and I don't even get mad, I just laugh if they manage to catch me and leave unless its a good game. The problem of course, is all the 1 star reviews and noobies who have no idea whats going on having that happen to them. You need to also explain somewhere that you might get murdered on sight by some people, that you need to be cautious and large groups are safer. SOMETHING that will make the noobs get not so pissed. As far as tking itself goes, my only idea that I think could work is when a person kills a set number of innocents they have a game mechanic failure, and you call it insanity or remorse or something. Maybe their minimap is removed? Maybe they stop regenerating health? Or something less severe. But some kind of punishment, that wont totally screw over someone who really thought that marine was a thing, but will still mess them up slightly.

    3) KEEP PEOPLE PLAYING. Add perks, achievements, rankings boards, unlock able models, camos, ect. ect. This should be prioritys 1-1000billion in my opinion, and WILL get this map on the top 10 list. There are a lot of really shit maps out there that are popular just because they have this stuff, imagine a great map like the thing having them? It would explode. I think the game is in an amazing state as is, and those 3 should be the priority's before any new features (as much as I would love to see some new stuff).

    ALL OTHER IDEAS SHOULD BE SECONDARY TO THE TOP 3 (in my, worthless opinion)

    4) Marines have no way to kill the thing after all doors are broken. Thing should have it easier with doors broken, but should not be unkillable. It can run away forever and heal up, picking off people that stray too far. I believe there should be a few unkillable doors that you must try to herd the thing in to, or maybe "blast doors" that can only be killed with charged explosions (items made for killing blast doors) so thing has to get a hold of the items to kill the doors. Otherwise, add an ability to repair damaged doors, or place barricades. All 3 would work to varying degrees.

    5) When the thing has killed all players except for 1 marine, give the thing a "bloodlust" buff or something that gives full vision of the last marine. Hate being the thing or an observer watching the thing chase 1 marine around for 20 minutes when the marine can't win.

    6) THE ABILITY TO START A COUNTDOWN SEQUENCE. The more I think about it, the more I like it. It should require 3 marines agreeing to it (maybe stepping on 3 different beacons?) and once begun the station should self destruct after a set time (say.. 30 minutes?). So this doesnt mean games have to be 30 minutes, it means it lasts 30 minutes from when the sequence is begun. IF the station explodes, the game should result in a tie. WHY? Many, many benefits to this.
    i) it adds to the unease and tension in the game atmosphere. imagine running around in the dark, knowing the thing could be anyone and the place explodes soon.
    ii) i think we have all had a game where the thing was a total bitch, and would never reveal. those games tend to last between 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours. and IT IS NOT FUN. it is not fun to just sit around like that. This would put more pressure on the thing to make a move, and more untrust between marines because if they dont figure out who it is soon they explode! it fixes a problem and adds to the atmosphere, please do this


    please dont nurf or buff flamethrower. it is freaking perfectly balanced. BUT PLEASE, ADD A DROP HOTKEY. too many tkers, having the flamethrower is having a death wish. if they start shooting you you HAVE to click on the item then the ground to drop it. by then, you are most likely dead. same goes for fighting thing. flamethrower must have a drop key!!!

    DO NOT WARN/BAN PEOPLE ANYMORE. With the color scrambeler if someone says a person gamethrew, they have no idea what color they actually were. REALLY need an unscrambeler and end, and to reshow handles. Maybe add a button that says Report Cheating, that brings up the players name and their new color (so you dont get colors confused) and their handles.

    Along the same lines, if there is anyway to show on the screen where it says Player has been warned for gamethrowing their color in game that would be great. That wrning doesnt help because i dont have a clue what color that person is and who to watch out for lol.

    Finally to Vicboy, please stop playing this game at weird morning hours and saying the map is dead , come play it in the evening like the rest of us and you will see it is alive and constantly growing. You did a great fucking job! And to anyone who actually read this whole thing, let me know if you disagree/agree with any of this.


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    Re: After at least 500+ games, my honest opinions and ideas.

    Post by EternalToss on Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:13 am

    i remember commenting on this -.-" who deleted my comment. T.T


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    Re: After at least 500+ games, my honest opinions and ideas.

    Post by Solidifire on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:14 pm

    Looks like all the comments got deleted after main post

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    Re: After at least 500+ games, my honest opinions and ideas.

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