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    Get rid of the moronic admins



    Get rid of the moronic admins

    Post by zakhennahr2 on Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:30 pm

    What this means is, get rid of all of them but YOALLCAPS. Since it seems not one of the others has any fucking meat inside that skull of theirs. Enjoy this replay of panda (maybe datasick? who the fuck cares, just another 'admin' using their privileges to mess with the game) allowing a marine to stim more often than not and heal at the end. Why? Well why not, when you let 12-year-olds have admin privileges in your game.

    Reefer's right. These idiots are half the reason people troll. I then proceed to spend 10 minutes going over the same shit I did with data regarding my bank (Spoiler alert! Hasn't fucking saved since the late December / early January patch). "I just don't get why an admin would make your bank have 3 games played and have 100K thing points." "It's been bugged since that patch." "But your story doesn't add up. Why would just your thing points be stored?" "All my points were, thing and marine. I only fucking play thing." "But see that still doesn't add up because of (whatever other dipshit reason I have that you debunked)."

    To be fair to him, he did start that conversation with "I only have a hunch", like all good admins who do dumb shit and then desperately search for justification. Don't worry Panda, you can have your hunch about my bank; I have a replay of yet another idiot admin *reeeeeeeeally* wanting me to start trolling this game.


    Oh, also, are you keeping track? That's 3/5 admins I know of who have tried to fuck with me in-game using their admin privileges 'based on a hunch'.
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    Re: Get rid of the moronic admins

    Post by Pandemonium on Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:52 pm

    zakhennahr2 wrote:Oh, also, are you keeping track? That's 3/5 admins I know of who have tried to fuck with me in-game using their admin privileges 'based on a hunch'.

    I'd like to apologize for completely ruining your game by extending the lone marine's life by several minutes wasting your precious time.

    I agree that I should be demoted for asking about some strangeness in your bank files that from your take implied that you were cheating by playing with the files. After all, that was simply a sick thing that a person can do: accusing someone of cheating.

    I deeply regret my choice of asking you questions trying to figure out the problem and solving it. Truly the discomfort you felt must have been too much and should legally be applicable as verbal harassment and defamation.

    If I am demoted, I would like to state that I have no objections and would like to apologize to the community for my unfitness as an admin unlike Reeferfist.

    If you truly believe that admins should be removed, please check out my thread in suggestion box regarding how all admins should be removed.
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    Re: Get rid of the moronic admins

    Post by Datasick on Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:19 am

    First off: I am not even in this lobby so idk why you just assume that its me abusing shit.

    Second: "Say goodbye to your admin rights" LOL. I have seen vic restore marines like that when am the thing.

    I thought you wouldn't be stumped on tiny shit like this.

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    Re: Get rid of the moronic admins

    Post by Sponsored content

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